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You can’t go wrong with the namesake Rosemont Burger. The Pan Sheet Nachos, Wings, Sandwiches and Spiked Shakes are our classic take on bar food that’s sure to hit the spot for lunch or dinner. Take a look!

Daily Specials

Rosemont will offer what many consider the best specials in the city- deals like Champagne Mondays, Big Ass Beer Tuesdays, $2 Domestic Cans, and more!

Upcoming Events

Every Friday Rosemont will be spinning up 90’s Remixes! Featuring your favorites such as the Backstreet Boys, Pearl Jam, Spice Girls, Nirvana and so much more!

Looking for a true, come as you are spot? You found it.

Rosemont is serving up your favorite classic bar food — cheesesteaks, fried pickles, bacon cheeseburgers and more. The food menu shines in a sea of late night snacks. Head to the Airstream trailer for happy hour parked in the bar’s backyard, and order up your cocktail or beer of choice. Home of the $2 PBR — Everyone’s welcome at our place. The Rosemontwill offer what many consider the best specials in the city — $2 Miller High Life, Big Ass Beer Tuesdays, delicious burgers, a “Shut up it’s your birthday” milkshake, adult Capri-Suns and more. To its favor, this blue-collar spot has live bands or DJ’s scheduled every day of the week, good drinks, and fantastic opportunities for people watching. Each visit, lunch or dinner, will be a new experience, challenge your friends to friendly Jenga competition or dance the night away with our nightly live music.



“This place needs a Yelp page! Best food I’ve had in awhile and our server Lexi was awesome. Best part is the cocktails are creative and reasonably priced! Such a great concept here.”- Jessica Graham, Customer

“But the Bottlecap crew knows Charlotte nightlife — look at their lineup of successful establishments like Brazwells, All American Pub, Whiskey Warehouse and Ink N Ivy — so they’re throwing it back to what they do best with a simpler party bar focused on fried food and straight forward cocktails … They have an appetizer called FRIES, FRIES, FRIES that’s just a giant basket of sweet potato fries, waffle fries and seasoned fries and I just can’t enthusiastically endorse this enough. I love it.” -Katie Levans, Charlotte Agenda

“A great concept and a perfect addition to South End! Such a fun vibe and very interesting cocktails!” Russ Bogue, Customer

“So i saw someone post about this venue TODAY & made it my business to come and I DID! When I say this place is the FREAKING BEST, like literally! I went with the cheeseburger and fries and i also got the alcoholic drinks of the cupcake ice cream alcohol shake and the pouch drink !!! Everything was amazing the staff was friendly and the live band was freaking AWESOME! I highly recommend this place to anyone, I will be back SOON!” Shaykila Mayes, Customer